As the Mothers Day approaches it is time to seek out the Mothers Day Messages for Whats App and Facebook so that you can delight your mother with beautiful expression of love and warmth. Mother’s love is the greatest blessing we have and surely this special day she deserves the best of messages that can convey your feelings to her.

Mothers Day Message For Whats App

So here is the Mothers Day messages in English that you can share and bring smile on your mother’s face. You can copy and paste them on your whats App or facebook. Go on and enjoy our collection of heart warming messages of love!

Mothers Day 2016 Messages:

Mothers Day Message for WhatsApp
Mother, I love you
You knit me together
You created me with fear and wonder
I am indebted to you forever.
With you I knew the purest form of love.
I will love you always.
Happy Mothers Day 2016

Lovely Mothers Day Message for Facebook
Whenever I feel alone you hold my hand
Whenever I feel rejected, you fill me with love
Whenever I am in dark
You show me the light
You are my number one, my sweet loving mother
Love you always

Amazing Mothers Day Message in English
This message is for the best mom on this planet earth.
A big hug and kiss to you.
(--Happy Mothers Day 2016--)

Charming Mothers Day Message
We have one life, one mother
One special day of mothers Day
Tell your mothers what they mean to you
And how much you love her.

Special Mothers Day Message
My mother is one in million,
You are really special and purest of all.
I wish your eyes always shine with light
I know that you are always right!
I love you mother.
Happy Mothers Day 2016..LOVE U...

Perfect Mothers Day Message
You have seen me smile
You have seen me take extra mile
You have seen me cry
You have seem me try
I know you are always with me, mom
Thanks for the love you gave me every day
Love you very much
!!Happy Mothers Day 2016!!

Marvellous Mothers Day Message
Being a mother is a very difficult role to play
But you are the best I must say
You are my guiding star
I find you near even when you are far
Mom, it is true that I love you
<--Happy Mothers Day 2016-->

Heart-felt Mothers Day Message
Mothers Day means more than diamonds and gems
It means to say love you mom.
Thanks for your love and care.
I cherish the moments we share
You are my truest friend forever.
(**Happy Mothers Day my sweet mom**)

Beautiful Mothers Day Message
The love is always shining in you; I want to walk on your shoe
You are my best guide; you help me take the flight
At times we fight, but I know you are always right
You are very special to me, I love you very much
Hope you can see
<<Happy Mothers Day>>

Awesome Mothers Day Message
You nurtured the miracle of life
You nourish me with love and sacrifice
Mother, you are my angel
I love you very much
""Happy Mothers Day 2016""

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